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Yes, I've had this voice since I was 10. It certainly made it a lot easier to get into R-rated movies as a kid!  

In all seriousness, I love using my voice to bring text to life and working with valued collaborators. r
elationships are key for me – with clients and every person who listens to our work together.  I bring a client-centric approach to my work to ensure the finished product is exactly what you need. I love crunchy texts with medical terms, too. and as I have an opera background, foreign words excite me, too!

I've done voice-related work for years, everything from being a metro networks traffic reporter in the local Philadelphia market, spending 15 years (and counting) in the radio industry, doing announcements at live events with thousands of people in attendance, and doing my share of studio work, too. 

I've studied the art of voice-over with Jessica Gee and Garrett Michaels at Voices International in New York City, with Rodney Robb and The Actor's Center in Philadelphia, and with Rob Holt at Voicebox -- great professionals in the industry who shared so much of their wisdom with me!

A good chunk of my professional career has centered on the arts. I worked at Opera Philadelphia for almost 22 years. I spent most of my time there leading the Community Initiatives department for fourteen years, winning awards for my programming but using my voice along the way as the company's go-to voice-over artist for everything from the telephone system, voicing robocalls, pre-performance announcements, and live event v.o.g. work.  

Key to all of this was a celebration of creativity tied to relationship building. The more I could be creative with my voice and other artistic projects, the happier I was; the more I could interact with patrons and donors, the more fulfilled I became.  Learn more about my non-voice-over work here

I look forward to bringing all of these talents together on your project and giving you the best product possible.  


i'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. let's connect.

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